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I’m a Soul Healer…

and in my simplest explanation, a Soul Healer is one who reaches into the part of you that hurts to help that part heal.   Deeply emphatic, with a big huge gorgeous heart,

Yes, that is me!

A Fearless Goddess who has grown from an earlier version of me that at one time forgot who she truly was,  one who knows this is not my first life and it certainly will not be my last, one who has learned to cherish all of life and realize that there is deep purpose in our life stories, one who knows the divine is always backing me up and ready to guide me forward, and that angels are always on our side,  one who sees between the veil of the other side, one who reads between the stories of our lives and knows that this is where the magic lives and where healing happens, one who has come to unite you with your own greatness and help you to realize your own Sexy Gorgeous Soul,  to show you that the  potential lives in the possibility of it all, and the highway to get there is through your heart,  one who knows that in the end – there really is no end, only a new beginning.

I’m a sacred harmonizer delivering heaven’s sent messages whenever I am called to do so and, Oh! how this lights my inner flame every time.

I have worked with a multitude of coaches, healers and guides to be where I am at today, but no one else has been able to reach the deepest parts of my heart, where I have been storing my most hidden pain, to bring it to a place of complete healing.  I feel so free now, and I can only imagine where I would be today had I worked with April-Anjali sooner.  I have a cleaner canvas and whole new future to paint!  I will be encouraging all of my company to work with April-Anjali. Anonymous

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I am Empowerment …together, we are Women of Healing!

  I want to run along the beach and feel the sand beneath my toes because that’s what nourishes the girl in me.  And there is just something so rich in the energy of that girl, so pure, so real, so powerful… that I never want to let go of. She feeds me and fuels...
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To serve in the highest and love it forward is my purpose… come with me, you Sexy Gorgeous Soul, and together we will be women of healing!

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